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Day 12 - 30 Days With Jesus - BIBLE CHALLENGE - A Guided Tour - Luke 7:1-50

Today's Bible Lesson Reading - Luke 7: 1-50  - Jesus raised up someone from a Coffin...

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Sin seems yummy...but what a MESS -  we need Jesus to clean us!

It is God's will for us to be healthy and whole. In fact, in the Garden of Eden when it was just the first 2 people on the entire planet earth, Adam and Eve...

they had the tree of life available,

no real work, complete health, and...

could chat with God anytime in the garden....WHAT A LIFE!

In today's verses Jesus did some AWESOME work!

He HEALED the officers servant... FROM A DISTANCE!

How cool is that? He never went to the officers house, yet the servant was taken care of ANYWAY!

Then... Jesus' big miracle -  RAISED FROM THE DEAD (Luke 7: 13-16 ICB)

Jesus raised a widow's only son who died from a coffin...back to life because he felt sorry for the MOM it says....

When the Lord saw her, He felt very sorry for her. Jesus said to her, 'DON'T CRY'.

He went up to the coffin and touched it.

 The men who were carrying it stopped. Jesus said, "Young man, I tell you, get up!"

 And the son sat up and began to talk. Then Jesus gave him back to his mother. All the people were amazed....

Isn't that AMAZING? I'm amazed too!

But what about today?? How Does Jesus heal today??

He uses MANY ways to heal people. Sometimes we get healed in an undramatic way but none the less effective. God's immune system HE puts in us.

BUT a miracle is a bit different because it happens FASTER than normal healing. ALSO when Jesus raised the boy from the dead...well that was definitely a miracle.

Later in today's reading we also see Jesus healing the dead and the blind. JESUS really cared and wanted to relieve and help people who were suffering and HURT.

God wants us to care for and about each other....

Heidi Baker of Iris Ministies teaches about "STOPPING FOR THE ONE" and being "CONSUMED BY LOVE"

Heidi and the staff of Iris Ministries go into the TRASH DUMPS, ALLEYS and byways to adopt children and save them.

God LOVES to use ORDINARY people....just like YOU to help people so THROUGH JESUS you can:

help people,
heal people,
bless people,
and show kindness and LOVE them

WHEN you do that you become like the ARMS and LEGS of Jesus...since Jesus went back up to heaven (we will talk about that around Day 29) God CHOOSES TO USE regular people to do AWESOME things....

Yes, even YOU!
In this next clip from the documentary "Finger of God"...

 Jesus heals the blind by USING CHILDREN this time...

You can watch the whole video to see a man who was raised from the dead AND
to see Jesus use chrisitan children to heal a deaf woman... go directly to 7 minutes.

There are so many accounts of people being raised from the dead...

Some christian children today believe that God's word actually works for today, some don't... that is for you to decide =)

Here is a long excerpt from a documentary from a huge ministry led by Reinhard Bonnke, Christ for All Nations. The ministry has literally led MILLIONS to Christ. It's about a man who was clinically dead, embalmed and taken to funeral...all documented... but then raised back to life.

Day 11 - 30 Days With Jesus - BIBLE CHALLENGE - A Guided Tour - Luke 6:1-49

Today's Bible Verse - Luke 6:1-49      HOW SHOULD WE LIVE?

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We have spent a bit of time together now...
You are getting a rhythm and a learning about God's ways....

Hopefully it will pop out to you thru Jesus' life that GOD IS LOVE, 
HE LOVES TO HELP, and HE LOVES TO HEAL and fix things that need fixin'

In today's reading we can get tips on HOW to live successfully IN CHRIST!
So we don't run into a WALL!

Need a friend?
We will also learn God's Tips from Jesus life on how to get along better with other people!

Biting Into Today's Lesson - Luke 6

Today was a lot to bite off. To chew on the word is helpful to see lasting effects in a person’s life.

In other words, if you pick apart what you read to try to “get” it then you will find that your habits that you "know" need to GO... tend to DROP OFF easier.

God will help you!!

In fact, if you do this chewing of the Word (Jesus is the Word) past our 30 day challenge…. ONE day, you will look up and NOT recognize the person you see!!

You will be amazed at your “New and Improved” version of yourself!

Speaking as a formerly spoiled child who threw MAJOR tantrums that were sometimes violent (I broke my typewriter when I THREW IT!) I can attest to this SCRUBBING process the Word does. The bible has extra scrubbing power...

Anyway, in today’s reading Jesus will continue to heal, and teaches about how to TREAT PEOPLE you consider your enemies…. Yes, I am talking to you!

Look for the PROMISE that comes with the tips Jesus gives.

THEN, Jesus teaches some more…. About judging and criticizing other people…

Now most off us know we shouldn’t….BUT WHY?
What should we do if we need to offer some helpful criticism… OR, if we feel like telling off someone???

FINALLY, we get to the JUICY part:

How should we live??

IF we listen to God He says its like living in THIS house, even when there are bad things going on...a storm:

If we CHOOSE NOT to, by ignoring Him, or forgetting Jesus…or deciding you definitely DON’T want to follow Jesus because it just too much of a pain…then Jesus tells us its like living in this house...what happens in this house when the STORM comes??

Here is a fun silly clip that  illustrates the verses Luke 6:46-49 well.

Just image the couch is a house....

OR for animation lovers here is another clip!

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Funny Fridays - Funny Video to Encourage Children Workers

While I DO believe the fire of God and HIS presence is tangible and available to the christian children UNDER 5 in some ways more so than the big ones...

SOMEONE STILL has to change those diapers in between lessons. This is so funny... I recieved it in my newsletter from

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Day 10 - 30 Days With Jesus - BIBLE CHALLENGE -ACCEPTANCE - John 4: 1-54

Today's Bible Challenge: John 4: 1-54 ACCEPTANCE

If this is your first day and are just joining us....WELCOME!
PLEASE GO BACK to DAY 1 - then this will make more sense....

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Today we going to chat a bit about God's ACCEPTANCE of us...





He wants to LATHER YOU with His LOVE! 
God wants YOU to come CLOSER so HE CAN show you HOW much He LOVES YOU....

No LIE....unconditionally!

TRUE LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!

In today's reading Jesus.....once again...does a FLIP on His followers.

Jesus was talking to ONE OF THOSE people....again. 

Jesus was not only talking to a woman, sad to say...women had very low status back then...uugh, BUT to a Samaritan woman.

Remember, Jesus was a JEW so they didn't MIX AT ALL with Samaritans...Jesus broke the rules...then he told her about herself....which shocked her and made Jesus win over the whole town supposedly unspeakable Samaritans...they got their "tickets" to go to Heaven...because they believed IN Jesus....

But WHY?


Simple question by now? I hope so...

To Jesus everyone was special! Jesus cares ALOT about what's INSIDE everyone's heart.

Jesus was not into being with the "popular" people.... in fact I dare say most of you would NOT have hung out with His disciples until AFTER his resurrection when they changed up.


Jesus cares about you MORE than you can imagine...

1. God knows how many HAIRS are in your head BEFORE and AFTER you brush it? (Matt 10:30) DO YOU?

2. He CAPTURES EVERY TEAR you ever cried...even when you were being naughty? AND will wipe them away when you go to Heaven ? (Rev 24:1) 

3. He saw you you unformed body INSIDE your mother's womb...BEFORE they can do an ultrasound when you were just the size a DOT .  ? (Psalm 139:16)

4. Plus ALL your days were written down BEFORE you came out of you mother? (Psalm 139:16)

Now GO enjoy reading John 4:1-54



IF TODAY IS YOUR FIRST DAY....time to go back to the beginning. - Isaiah 53

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Day 9 - 30 Days With Jesus - BIBLE CHALLENGE - A Guided Tour by Aunti Lo-Lo - Luke 5: 1-39

Today's Bible Lesson Verse- Luke 5: 1-39      Jesus Math with His Disciples

 If this is your first day and are just joining us...PLEASE GO BACK to DAY 1 - then this 30 DAY BIBLE CHALLENGE will all make more sense....

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Don't Try This @ Home... lol

Well today I had to go to to listen to the reading in Luke 5 to get a feel for can too! I am listening as I write...

In today's lesson Jesus taught his disciples about what we like to call. "GOD MATH". You see... GOD MATH is different because 1 +1 does NOT  = 2. I love GOD MATH. You can get an "A" too if you master it! To master it.... you only have to believe!

Jesus was with His disciples to go fishing....

After their failure in their own efforts... 

Jesus ADDED HIS EFFORTS.... read what happened NEXT.

Then Jesus healed a leper, which was like touching someone who has the worse disease you'd never want to deal with. Remember Jesus healed him totally!

BUT as we ALL spend time in these "30 Days with Jesus" bible lessons you will understand Jesus ways a little more. That's how you get to know your new friends right?

Jesus always went after the poor, the non-popular, the regular people, the sinners, the sick, whoever was the LEAST likely...THAT is who Jesus helped.  JESUS even invited a tax-collector to train with HIM and be a disciple!

 Jesus even healed the man who was let down thru the ROOF! Even if folks around HIM didn't like it!

But what about US??? What do we need to do?

We just need to believe....and ACT on what we believe....

That's why we are reading this month...because FAITH COMES BY HEARING the word of God....hey that's the name of that website I just mentioned. How cool is that? THAT is why they named their free audio bible website.

Now if you haven't read go curl up or stand up and read Luke 5: 1-39



IF TODAY IS YOUR FIRST DAY....time to go back to the beginning. - Isaiah 53

Bible Challenge Day 2 -John 1:1-34

Bible Challenge Day 3 - Luke 2:1-39

Bible Challenge Day 6 - John 3:1-36 

Bible Challenge Day 7  - GRACE DAY!!!(Pray, catch-up, read what you like)

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Day 8 - 30 Days With Jesus - BIBLE CHALLENGE - A Guided Tour by Aunti Lo-Lo - Revelation 21: 22-27 and 22:1-21

Today's Bible Lesson Verses - Revelation 21: 22-27 and 22:1-21


**Looking for DAY 7??? 
Remember that was GRACE day...
Use Day 7 to spend time talking to God as you catch up on your reading, reread what interested you this from week OR read whatever you like!

If this is your first day and are just joining us...PLEASE GO BACK to DAY 1 - then this will all make more sense....

TODAY - If you have read... let us know or share anything you learned...please click on the COMMENT section below!


Congratulations if you made it thru week ONE. Hope you enjoyed your grace day! I had to leave the gospels for a day too...

BUT............... look what I found! 

The verses for today actually TIE in with our last bible reading when we talked about Heaven. 

As we mentioned....heaven is talked about alot by people...I have heard questions like:



 "How do I get to Heaven?" 

"Who gets to go?"

"What will heaven be like?"

and "Do people get married in Heaven?"


Well we know the answer to the first questions because it was answered last week. 

Also, many of these questions are answered when reading the book of Revelation in the bible. 

Today we will focus of course on JESUS who is the "Lamb" described in these verses who helps to light things up! The Lamb is the heavenly city's lamp! 

Remember there is no sun or moon there... God and Jesus are the source of all LIGHT! Try to picture that in your mind.


TIP: Remember, John received this vision, revelation from God when on the island of Patmos. 



Those against the gospel of Jesus were trying to silence him.... but instead GOD fueled him with wisdom, direction and insight we still use TODAY. He wrote some of that vision down in what we now have in the bible as the book of Revelation!


Jesus spoke to John directly several times in today's lesson including, Revelation 22: 12 (NLT)


"  See I am coming soon, and my reward is with me..." 


This is a phenomenal promise available to EVERY BELIEVER. You can't even image what God has in store for you.... God describes the rewards here and there in the bible but the point is that Jesus is preparing a place for EACH of us to fellowship with God in Heaven for all eternity. 

THAT is a long time and will be EXTREME! 

No pain, No sadness, No problems, No work...





The "Transformation" Revelation 22:14 


Above  is some of the phenomenal art work of an artist we met at her booth at a conference, Leslie Young Marks, we drooled over her art work much of the day=)

This painting really hits home the imagary of the not only the verse 14 but the bible lesson verses in Revelation 22 as well as many others in throughout the bible! 

Since this picture is ON MY WALL you can tell we LOVE it. To see more visual praise artwork on her site





Our ministry has spent alot of time with kids trying to imagine this is AMAZING how young people ARE NOT LIMITED in their imagination!

 Just imagine a pure river with the water of LIFE? that is CLEAR as CRYSTAL flowing from the THRONE of GOD? and of the LAMB (Jesus) , coursing down the center of main street. Rev 22:1-2 (ICB) If you have a few minutes...TRY TO DRAW WHAT YOU IMAGINE. It can be alot of fun. If you do this activity please let me know WHERE you posted the image online so we can all see it!



There is a good christian children 's book called the "Heavenly City: Adventures with the King" by Patricia King


Remember to go to Revelation 21: 22-27 and 22:1-21 today to enjoy these verses. It may help to LISTEN as well =) 


Aunti Lo-Lo


IF TODAY IS YOUR FIRST DAY....time to go back to the beginning. - Isaiah 53
Bible Challenge Day 2 -John 1:1-34

Bible Challenge Day 3 - Luke 2:1-39

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Day 6 - 30 Days With Jesus - BIBLE CHALLENGE - A Guided Tour by Aunti Lo-Lo - John 3: 1-36

Today's Bible Lesson Verses - John 3: 1-36 

Hi everyone,

Well it is 2am and I am starting this post for you all because it is sooooooo important.

I want to see you succeed in growing in the Lord because once you connect with God and understand His Word there will be NO STOPPING what you can ACCOMPLISH in Christ. God will MAKE HIMSELF KNOWN to you and it is a RIDE...believe me.

If this is your first day and are just joining us...PLEASE GO BACK to DAY 1 - then this will all make more sense....

TODAY - If you have read... let us know or share anything you learned...please click on the COMMENT section below!

Today's Bible Lesson with Jesus in John 3: 1-36

The verses for today are pivotal. 
They are key. 
They are critical. 
They are important. 
They mean ALOT. 

"WHAT am I saying?"

I will tell you. As a kids pastor & educator I would say one of the MOST FREQUENT QUESTIONS I get is:

"HOW Do I Get To Go To Heaven?"

Well today's lesson will help clear up for those who have asked me in the past and do not feel sure about this.

If it doesn't it is ok. Please just let me a note in  the COMMENT can do so anonymously if you need privacy.

To read today's except online in comic book form click :


Key verses from todays bible lesson reading give the main CLUE

"And the Son of Man must be lifted up (JESUS)...

Then everyone who has faith in the Son of Man will have eternal life. 

God loved the people of this world so much that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who has faith in him will have eternal life and never really die.  

God did not send his Son into the world to condemn its people. He sent him to save them!
  No one who has faith in God's Son will be condemned. 

But everyone who doesn't have faith in him has already been condemned for not having faith in God's only Son. The light has come into the world...
CEV version, emphasis mine

This is the key text because it shows that ACCEPTING JESUS is the DOOR... the only door that can get you into heaven. 

In fact Jesus referred to himself as a DOOR as part of John 10:9 (ESV) " ...I am the door. If anyone enters by me, he will be saved..."

I tell friends who ask me this, This is the key because it gets you YOUR "ticket to heaven"

What does this mean? IF you :

...accept Jesus as the Son of God who came into this world to forgive sin
...confess and repent - tell God you are sorry for all of your sins (lets face it we ALL have sinned)
...make Jesus the boss of your life from now on. Live for Jesus, learn about Him to be a much like Him as you can. Actually being a Christian means "Christ like"

These steps are God's way of inviting you to heaven.
 God sent Jesus so we can get to heaven.

....spend time with God to pray and read the bible every day so you can meet and greet with your new BEST FRIEND. 

Here is a clip of a guy talking to Ray Comfort about 

How to Get Into Heaven...

Now if you haven't already read today's bible lesson verse in your favorite bible to read John 3: 1-36


IF TODAY IS YOUR FIRST DAY....time to go back to the beginning. - Isaiah 53
Bible Challenge Day 2 -John 1:1-34
Bible Challenge Day 3 - Luke 2:1-39


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Day 5- 30 Days With Jesus - BIBLE CHALLENGE - TEMPTATION!! - Luke 4:1-44

Today's Bible Lesson Verses - Luke 4:1-44


Today, this post is again intended for all my friends who call me Aunti Lo-Lo AND is open to ANYONE who wants to follow and read and spend time with Jesus. Children of God of ALL ages=)

If this is you are just joining us...PLEASE GO BACK to DAY 1 - then this will all make more sense....

If you have read... let us know or share anything you learned...please use the comment section below!

Today's Bible Lesson with Jesus in Luke 4:1-44...

Jesus was TEMPTED by the devil....had a debate with him...
Just like we are tempted on many days. Some days it feels like I'm on a mind trip...a battle...DO YOU???

Therefore Jesus KNOWS what we go thru when we are tempted by a serious sin that we feel is trying to TRAP us orrrrr
 EVEN if we are just tempted by too many Doughnuts!!

God has come "TO SET THE CAPTIVES FREE" which means Jesus, who knows how we feel, WANTS TO HELP US BE FREE and matter what it is that's been bugging us!

 Over and over Jesus USED BIBLE VERSES to ANSWER BACK the devil when he tried to trick AND TEMPT Jesus...That's how JESUS WON THE battle.

You can ALSO use Bible Verses to win when you have problems that seem IMPOSSIBLE. If you are not sure how....just ask!

Later in the passage Jesus HEALED all kinds of people. BUT DOES THAT HAPPEN TODAY?? Happy to say....Yes Yes Yes...Jesus said before He left "I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do, he will do also; and greater works than these he will do; because I go to the Father." John 14:12

In other words God uses ORDINARY CHRISTIANS..LIKE heal the sick TODAY

Check this out...Todd White is fun:

Are you feeling cozy???
Now this next clip by Todd White may make you feel out!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 4 - 30 Days with Jesus - A Guided Tour with Aunti Lo-Lo - Mark 1: 1-45

Today's Reading - Mark 1: 1-45

Hi there,

This post is again intended for all my friends who call me Aunti Lo-Lo but is open to ANYONE who wants to follow and read and learn about Jesus. Children of God of ALL ages=)

If this is your first day...PLEASE GO BACK to DAY 1 - then this will make more sense....

If you have read... let us know or share anything you learned...please use the comment section below!

I am actually listening to today's verse so that makes it ALOT easier...
Reading it in the bible will be a BREEZE if you have listened...

This is what I am streams online an english version. I had to download my children's bible version but that is on my Media Player so this is easier...for now.  OK on to the lesson...

In this lesson we review John the Baptist who prophesied....declared that Jesus was coming...
He told people that Jesus would baptize with the Holy Spirit.

As John baptized his cousin Jesus...God SPOKE ALOUD TO ALL THE PEOPLE AND SAID.... (you will have to read it) 

THEN Jesus ordered some demons around..helped many...and then became famous...


These two clips are comical as this middle school group acts out Jesus healing:

Jesus Heals a Man with Leprosy from Jeremy Mavis on Vimeo.

This next one I like mostly because they THROW the kid around...silly

Jesus Heals a Paralyzed Man from Jeremy Mavis on Vimeo.

Even if you listen...don't forget to READ today's Mark 1:1-45 as you talk to God. Don't forget to ASK GOD to HELP you understand and learn whatever He wants....its ALL ABOUT JESUS!

Aunti Lo-Lo

IF TODAY IS YOUR FIRST DAY....time to go back to the beginning...
Bible Challenge Day 2
Bible Challenge Day 3

Get a Free Audio Bible Download from Faith Comes By Hearing


REMEMBER....if you can ACTUALLY spend time with God everyday praying as you READ everyday...YOU WILL NEVER EVER BE THE SAME. God will MEET with you personally....God the creator of the planet will meet with YOU!

 How awesome is that!!

If you want to LISTEN to your daily bible reading....

This website has so many choices of versions of bibles TO LISTEN TO...more than 556... both acted out and just read in 511 languages. A good way to practice for french or spanish class!!!

Faith Comes by Hearing website also has a children's version I downloaded for myself...a kid at heart!

Easy words help us to understand what we are reading sometimes...

To get your version of the bible to listen this link:
Free Audio Bible Download Faith Comes By Hearing

Aunti Lo-Lo

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Day 3 - 30 Days With Jesus - A Guided Tour by Aunti Lo-Lo - Luke 2:1-39

Today's Reading - Luke 2:1-39 Baby Jesus

If this is your first day...GO BACK to DAY 1 - this will make more sense....

Remember after you read..please let us know by clicking the lil "COMMENTS" button below and saying hi

Baby Jesus sees alot of action in HIS early days on earth. Mary and Joseph, HIS mom and dad had some angels come to give them directions, they travel to Bethlehem where Jesus is actually born...Jesus was blessed by shepherds and then in the temple by Simeon (who waited many years to "meet" the promised Messiah) and Anna.

Since this is the traditional Christmas Story you may NOT need any help on this one...

I will add these clips...

IF YOU LIKE QUICK CARTOONS this one is kinda silly but puts the story together to help "younger brother or sister" understand.

If you are over 13 and can get permission and/or assistance from an adult. The movie "The Nativity Story" is enjoyable....very long but great. I suggest skipping over the few parts from the true account that are violent-ish. They show nothing but skip anyway.Here is a clip and you can get the full movie online or @ retail stores like Wal-Mart (during Christmas time)

Here is the ending where the shephards and wise men drop in to WORSHIP Jesus and give HIM presents!

Make sure you READ today's entry in your bible!

Love ya'll,

IF TODAY IS YOUR FIRST go back to the beginning...

Our Christian Children BIBLE CHALLENGE - START AT DAY 1
Day 2

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Day 2 - 30 Days With Jesus - A Guided Tour by Aunti Lo-Lo - John 1:1-34

Today's Reading -  John 1: 1-34

Hi again,

This post is again intended for all my chickadees who call me Aunti Lo-Lo but is open to ANYONE who wants to follow and read and learn about Jesus.

If this is your first day...GO BACK to DAY 1 - then this will make more sense....

If you have read... let us know or share anything you learned...please use the comment section below!

Before we get into the traditional Christmas is important that Jesus was around EVEN in the BEGINNING! Hard to understand? Well...when you read theses passages and it refers to "The Word". They are talking about Jesus!

It goes on to mention that when Jesus came...HE was baptized by John the Baptist who was actually HIS cousin, Elizabeth's son...but didn't know him...
Then it mentions how.....many people... unfortunately, did NOT accept HIM.

Jesus SAW Nathaniel under the tree too...without BEING huh?

This you tube clip is from Firestarter Bible explains the first part of this passage  John 1:1-18

Now go read YOUR Bible....again, please let me know if you don't HAVE one. There are some bibles online too. I recommend the New International Version or New Living Translation since they are easier to understand. If you feel ready then you can dive into the Old English text - King James Version. It is more complex to read but is sometimes says things the best.

Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful day!!


Our Christian Children BIBLE CHALLENGE - START AT DAY 1

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Day 1 - 30 Days With Jesus - BIBLE CHALLENGE - A Guided Tour by Aunti Lo-Lo - Isaiah 53

Today's Reading - Isaiah 53

These posts are for all the chickadees out there who call me Aunti know who you are!

ALSO we welcome those of us who are YOUNG AT HEART who love to spend time with Jesus!

Today is plan day...future posts will be quicker=) whew. Today's lesson starts below...

This is also open to ANYONE who wants to follow and read and learn about Jesus.

*Your generation has a GREAT CALL to walk with God and be used by HIM to do exciting things and IMPACT the world we live in.... 

 So..We are going to read together...hopefully chat together ?? that part is UP TO YOU=)

We will take Sundays off as GRACE days

If  you don't understand something. JUST SAY SO!!!! My teens and I can help you...ok? OK

When you have read  and want to let us know or share anything you learned or knew already about this passage...please use the comment section below! 

If you just want to say "I DID IT" that is ok too!

It won't show up immediately because we "check" the answers first to avoid weirdos!

We need to chew on parts of the Bible that teach and help us UNDERSTAND Jesus, The Messiah.

I used the MAGNIFY Biblezine text and reading plan...this book has easier text to understand in International Children's Bible Version it is a FUN book...obviously you don't HAVE to use any particular bible...JUST ONE YOU UNDERSTAND!!!

We will read in our quiet time, praying and asking God to help us "GET" what we are reading and "CHEW" on it!


Jesus was foretold  in Isaiah 53. In other words God told us IN ADVANCE that Jesus the Messiah was coming.

For this day...some of us will watch a clip from the movie The Passion. READ THE BIBLE VERSES (the words) as you watch it.

*** This is graphic and suggested for older kids. If you are not over 13 you probably should ask a parent first unless of course you already saw the movie. Its not TOO bad...the beating and whipping of Jesus is kinda gruesome though...

OR  If you... don't have permission OR  are not in the mood for blood then here is a simpler clip:...where is the man carrying this OLIVE TREE? WHY? ( Hint...By HIS Stripes we are _________)

NOW I want to you to GO PICK UP a bible....preferably yours (please let us know IF you don't have one that is EASY to understand) and look at Isaiah 53

 Aunti Lo-Lo

Thursday, January 13, 2011

7 Tips for Scripture Memorization Ideas for AT HOME

I recently read a helpful post online @ concerning Bible Memory Verses.... how to facilitate Scripture Memorization. I was very blessed indeed by the wealth of ideas posted by all the Children's Pastors and other participants....

I realized after posting...I felt like a dwarf with the giants of faith =) They all seem to have a vast amount of experience to encourage Bible Memorization at Sunday School Kids' Church or Youth Group....

BUT what about at home????

Here are a few ideas....

7 Tips for Scripture Memorization at Home

1. For Preschoolers and Elementary Aged Kids: Memory Song and story tape called the Word and Song Bible. It also comes with a lengthy bible story book that the tape reads and many common church songs are included to help kids learn Bible Stories, Bible Verses, and Songs. The voices are many famous personalities that do a good job. With the word and Song Bible entire passages are included to learn  like Psalm 23

2. Another MUST HAVE resource for BABIES, PRESCHOOLERS and Early Elementary kids is a Bible for Little Hearts. It have REAL verses with the scripture references. If this book is read to children in the early years over and over...eventually you will discover THEY HAVE MEMORIZED MANY VERSES WITHOUT EVEN TRYING! Cool huh?

3. Also for Preschoolers and Elementary Aged Kids: Memory Bible 52 Verses...this LONG CD set goes thru the alphabet TWICE and has a story and song for each one. LOTS of verses to learn...excellent.

 4. Surprisingly another older kids verse memory source is The Bible Experience or any other dramatized version of the bible. By playing it every day.... the SAME tape....the kids begin to digest the verses...if you can take it it is good. I kinda went batty listening to James OVER and OVER.

5. For older kids...elementary thru high school - They all take a huge passage and memorize chunks that all flow together like a complete psalm all together, each kid learning their part. For instance Romans 8 has alot of parts to it that are helpful weapons for the kids to use to apply in everyday take a mini chunk like vs 26-30, then the next kid learns 31-34 then the next learns 35-39. WHAT ENDS UP HAPPENING IS THAT THE KIDS ALL LEARN EACH OTHERS PART AS THEY PRACTICE TOGETHER =)

6. For older kids...elementary thru high school : A variation for the above tip is to they take turns each reciting a larger Psalm 23, 24 or 91...then the competitive nature and nurturing nature of groups of kids help inspire them to push a bit more...

7. For ANY AGE.. the old fashioned way of simply HANGING up simple verses on the refrigerator or other key spots and having them say them everyday as part of the daily routine works immensely. They can be personally targeted verses to areas a  kid needs. When my sons are little "A wise man holds his temper AND COOLS IT!" is a very popular saying adopted from Proverbs. IF you feel ambitious you can even add a relevant fun picture on the page as well.


Scripture Memorization Ideas on

I like the ideas that are a response to a Scripture Memorization Ideas post by Melanie K Presta on the Childrens' Ministry social network called It has been a valuable resource to seek ideas for Childrens' Ministry... There are over 7,000 members there now... it has grown since I joined a while back.

Here is the link to the lengthy discussion:

Wanda Parker's reply to the post hit me the most...our kid group is smaller so these active ideas will work well with the younger ones in our Christian Children 's group....

Find the Bible Verse Game

OBJECT: For the kids to memorize the verse by saying it over and over

The verse written out for each kid

• Give each kid a copy of the verse
• One player is chosen to be IT
• IT leaves the room
• Another player is chosen to hide the verse
• IT returns to the room
• All the players read/quote the verse over and over while IT tries to find the hidden verse
• Players read/quote louder the closer IT gets to the verse, softer the further away IT gets
• When IT finds the verse the individual who hid the verse becomes IT

Scramble Bible Verse

MATERIALS: Stop watches or other means of keeping time

• From  below, make a set of verse cards for every two kids.
• If you have 12 kids you will have 6 sets.

• Put the kids into teams of two
• Give each team a set of verse cards that are scrambled
• When you say “Go,” each team works together to put their set of cards in the proper order
• The team to finish correctly first wins
• Ask for volunteers to try to say the verse without reading it
• This is the third week; even the first and second graders should have a good portion memorized

*Ring Around The Verse

Proverbs 3: 5-8
Proverbs 1:7

Object: To be the first group to say the verse three times without making a mistake.

• Have each Trek Team sit on the floor in a circle.
• When the leader says “GO” the first child says the first word of the verse.
• Then the second child says the first word and the second word.
• The third child then says the first, second and third word.
• If a child makes a mistake, the team must begin over again.
• The first team to say the verse in this manner three times without making a mistake wins.
• Have a Discipler from an opposing team be the referee in each group.

*Catch A Bible Verse
          Genesis 17: 1&2
John 3:16

MATERIALS: Copy of verse per child,

• Hand out copies of the verse.
• Each kid is given 20 Bucks.
• One kid is selected to be “IT”
• “IT” tries to tag the other players.
• When a player is tagged, everyone freezes.
• The tagged kid has a choice: (1) s/he may say the verse, (2) select someone else to say the verse,
o However, s/he must give two Bucks to that player who says the verse for him/her.
• If the kid chooses to say the verse and the entire verse is quoted correctly, s/he gets to keep all his/her Bucks.
o If a mistake is made, five Bucks must be given to “IT”
• “It” then chooses another kid to be “IT”
• Three Bucks are taken away if players make it easy for themselves to be caught.
• This is the Disciplers’decision/.A player can choose two other teammates to assist in quoting a verse.
• The verse must be quoted quickly; you want to keep the game moving – hesitation is the same as misquoting.

More great ideas for scripture memory can be found on the site discussion;

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Today's Top 5 Parenting Tips...from our Facebook

I am TRYING to join the new millennium with facebook....


Here are a few posts to get the facebook page going...please feel free to add some wisdom posts=) 


Today's Top 5 - Christian Children Parenting & Teaching Tips

Parenting Twins and   

  1. When barely CLINGING to SANITY use this verse: "....but God has given me a Spirit of love, power and a SOUND MIND." Grace, grace...  

  2. Your kids look up to you even when you don't feel so "example-ish" They love you!

  3. It's OK that we as parents are just HUMAN...WHEW " For we...rejoice in Christ Jesus, and have no confidence in the flesh". Phil 3:3

    But You have made me as strong as wild bull. How refreshed I am by your power...Ps 92:10

  5. God's HELP: WHEN THEY CALL ON ME, I will answer; I will be with them in trouble. I will rescue them and honor them.