Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 1 - 30 Days With Jesus - BIBLE CHALLENGE - A Guided Tour by Aunti Lo-Lo - Isaiah 53

Today's Reading - Isaiah 53

These posts are for all the chickadees out there who call me Aunti know who you are!

ALSO we welcome those of us who are YOUNG AT HEART who love to spend time with Jesus!

Today is plan day...future posts will be quicker=) whew. Today's lesson starts below...

This is also open to ANYONE who wants to follow and read and learn about Jesus.

*Your generation has a GREAT CALL to walk with God and be used by HIM to do exciting things and IMPACT the world we live in.... 

 So..We are going to read together...hopefully chat together ?? that part is UP TO YOU=)

We will take Sundays off as GRACE days

If  you don't understand something. JUST SAY SO!!!! My teens and I can help you...ok? OK

When you have read  and want to let us know or share anything you learned or knew already about this passage...please use the comment section below! 

If you just want to say "I DID IT" that is ok too!

It won't show up immediately because we "check" the answers first to avoid weirdos!

We need to chew on parts of the Bible that teach and help us UNDERSTAND Jesus, The Messiah.

I used the MAGNIFY Biblezine text and reading plan...this book has easier text to understand in International Children's Bible Version it is a FUN book...obviously you don't HAVE to use any particular bible...JUST ONE YOU UNDERSTAND!!!

We will read in our quiet time, praying and asking God to help us "GET" what we are reading and "CHEW" on it!


Jesus was foretold  in Isaiah 53. In other words God told us IN ADVANCE that Jesus the Messiah was coming.

For this day...some of us will watch a clip from the movie The Passion. READ THE BIBLE VERSES (the words) as you watch it.

*** This is graphic and suggested for older kids. If you are not over 13 you probably should ask a parent first unless of course you already saw the movie. Its not TOO bad...the beating and whipping of Jesus is kinda gruesome though...

OR  If you... don't have permission OR  are not in the mood for blood then here is a simpler clip:...where is the man carrying this OLIVE TREE? WHY? ( Hint...By HIS Stripes we are _________)

NOW I want to you to GO PICK UP a bible....preferably yours (please let us know IF you don't have one that is EASY to understand) and look at Isaiah 53

 Aunti Lo-Lo

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