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Funny Cartoon – Easter Learning Game


Happy Easter!!!! Happy Resurrection Sunday!!!

Whatever YOU call it!!!

Be Blessed!


Easter-Set-inherit the mirth

Cartoon Post Cards by



Have A Blessed Resurrection Celebration….and/ or a Fun Happy Passover.

This year…we missed our opportunity to participate in a Seder but hope to have a relaxing Easter.

We did do the whole egg thing at my friends house. Thank God…


Resurrection Egg Kit Teaches About Jesus

resurrection eggs in carton

The kids had loads of fun with the Resurrection Egg Kit which had little symbols representing different aspects of Jesus’ last week before He died on the cross. There was a lil donkey, a wine cup, a die, and 9 other little symbol toys. The kids at the party seemed  to enjoy  the lesson that went along with the kids eventually playing with the filled eggs.

When looking online, it looks like someone else pieced together some items on their own to create a nice “kit” as well….


resurrection eggs on plate 


Home Made Resurrection Sunday / Easter Treasure Hunt Game:

We prepared for the game with 12 pictures printed out related to Jesus final week before His crucifixion. The images were printed on different color cardstock for each kid.

We also had or made a chart that outlined visually in sequential order Jesus’ Week. This chart helps the big picture but is optional. We used it to related each picture to.

We did print out fake treasure MAPS with cool sayings about Jesus for the kids to carry around with them as they hunted for treasure.

We pointed out that “Gods word IS a treasure worth searching for”, just like they were doing.

We HID the 12 pictures for each kid all around the house and they scrambled around excitedly to find their treasures. I hid them everywhere and did “warm” and “hot” clues to help them.

Once the kids were winded from running around, and had found their treasure cards they were good and tired.  We then chatted about the pictures of the symbols of Jesus final week and weaved the story together to help them try to understand what Jesus did and how He sacrificed for their sins.


Pretend Communion with Grape Juice and Crackers



Now some people may not like this part…including my Mom BUT…….We then prayed and thanked God for what He did for us and had a pretend “communion” time with grape juice and crackers.

I always had the kids be careful to tell God sorry for their sins FIRST…but then we talked about each part as we did it.


I think this was the kids favorite and we went thru many large bottles of WHITE grape juice during Holy Week. I tried this with the purple grape juice but it was too nerve-racking with the kids….back then we used alot of cloth table cloths… of my daughters had a fetish for set tables..…. but the STAINS.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention the kids other favorite part of our celebration….we used special cups for the occasion when we had them on hand. That made it mean even more to them.




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  1. Hey, thanks for these posts! I had never heard of a treasure hunt, but we've done the resurrection game every year. I want to take the treasure hunt idea and use it for Passover, to teach the Exodus story. I think the 10 plagues can easily go onto 10 cardstock pictures. What fun! You have blessed our family. May you be blessed!


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