Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Great for Preschool to Kindergarden: Fun Kids CD - Big Green Alligator


Today I want to chat a bit about a CD I plan to use to bless a little girl! I never met her but my friend says that she has a sweet spirit and we just wanted to bless her!
Since the CD is targeted to children from preschool age all the way up to kindergarten I think it would be perfect for any kid. The CD has upbeat silly song lyrics with a message to bless kids everywhere!

La La Lisa started singing when she was 16 at youth camps, and the name “La La Lisa” has stuck with her ever since then. She is a folk singer with a passion for music, and an obvious talent to entertain kids. She wrote every single song on the album, except for the song “My Little Brother.” that her oldest SON actually wrote when he was in the fifth grade. That is awesome…who says kids can’t do really good things like big people?

La La Lisa has done a good job reaching out to the heart of kids!  Lisa has even dedicated a portion of the sales to Teen Mother Choices International, a unique program that utilizes volunteers from local area churches to help provide teen mothers with a support system. 

Concerning this CD La La Lisa says,  “Jesus invited us all to come to Him ‘as a little child’ because a child trusts God wholeheartedly, without doubt.  I hope these songs offer kids the freedom to express themselves and do what they do naturally – believe.” LOVE IT!!!

I think this CD will bless our new friend and any child who loves silly songs=)

Day 28 – Jesus “The Passover Lamb” Tortured Matt 27:1-66


Today’s Bible Challenge Reading: Matthew 27:1-66 Jesus “The Passover Lamb” Tortured… Took Our Sins and Died)

In today’s lesson we can see how people get confused….

About what God wants. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY would God allow such bad things happen to Jesus. Before Jesus was actually KILLED. He was first TORTURED quite a bit.


If you have ever seen the movie “The Passion of the Christ” you probably SKIPPED the beating scene where Jesus was whipped for 15min.....Just to get the point across to us viewers.( If you missed viewing The Passion, it is now airing on TBN Network or TBN.org online if you want to watch tv on your phone or computer..just go to their schedule for the next time it airs.)

Jesus, who was the Son of God, and had mega POWER accessible at a snap, didn’t skip the torture….

Jesus WISHED He could skip the torture and even asked because, quite frankly He didn’t feel like being beaten badly… then have nails driven into His hands…. feet to hang on a wooden cross…AND face certain death! He didn’t want to do it. He cried soooo hard He even SWEAT BLOOD!!!


Note: If you are under 18 you should ask your parent if you want to view this great video scene that show Jesus crying in the Garden of Gethsemane






Jesus DID it to OBEY God’s will for God’s UTIMATE plan…the BIG PICTURE…

God wanted and planned for JESUS TO SUFFER………and DIE….for US.

It was needed for the BIG PICTURE. To help save allllllllllll mankind! Including you and I.

The folks around Him, the disciples and the Jews didn’t quite GET IT because, they wanted Jesus to be the new KING of Jerusalem so they can beat up on the evil Romans who ran things. The Jews wanted to TAKE OVER. I don’t blame them. The Romans were so cruel that they made sport of torturing Christians.

How many times in your life has things NOT gone your way and you just didn’t get it. You asked God for help and STILL things are NOT going your way…

Don’t get me wrong. Things go bad for different reasons that God NEVER intended:

-Man’s sinful tendencies many times mess things up.

-Sometimes the devil tries to botch things up temporarily too.

BUT SOMETIMES we get confused because God is supposed to give us what we want right?




We are all part of a BIG PUZZLE…that fits together.

It makes a great picture when we are all where we should be. But if a corner piece of God’s PUZZLE tries to go where the center piece should go…or some pieces go jump into water because they DON’T FEEL LIKE FITTING WHERE God wants them…the puzzle looks “jacked up”.






Today…ask God “How or where do I fit in??? What special reason did you make ME FOR?” How can I help you God?



YOU were born for a special purpose and plan that God has…a job JUST FOR YOU! We all fit into God’s Plan like a 6,000,000 piece puzzle that He puts together. Cool thing is…when you figure out what special talents and GIFTS GOD gave you.. and what they are for…. Life will be more of an adventure! Fun huh?