Sunday, February 17, 2013

Repost: Concerned about Christian Children LEAVING the Church in DROVES! TIPS TO HELP!

I am a concerned homeschooling mom and Children's Pastor…I am very concerned about our kids...
I have seen some alarming statistics about kids LEAVING THE CHURCH at 18 or they can. That breaks my heart!
Barna research studies say that about 80% of Christian children LEAVE the church and do not return! WHY? This doesn't need to be near the truth! God and HIS Presence and His LOVE is soooo much fun and so exciting that IF they really will walk with Him if they are introduced to an intimate RELATIONSHIP with Him. Also, when they learn how to strategically use the Bible for everyday life, they are better connected, glued and grafted into His body of Christ.

We want to see a huge success rate for our kids right?! We want our kids to WALK with the Lord ALL the days of their lives!
I just created a YouTube that is really directed to Children's Pastors and I'm thinking of creating one for Parents with TIPS for Parents to DO at train kids to be passionate for Jesus. We can lead them to the water at least...then I know its up to the children and youth to actually DRINK.


Any good resource ideas?
If you have ideas you want to see posted here to share with others….just send me the info and I will spread the word. We really NEED TO WORK TOGETHER!

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