Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fun Dance Videos for Kids and Youth To Enjoy


This videos from a few years ago are so cute. They may inspire the dancers in your life or bring a smile as you watch these kids and youth worship God.


"Freedom" @ Kids Conference -

This was FUN!

I actually had the privilege of watching this one in person. The behind the scenes facts were perhaps even more exciting. The kids performed this FREEDOM dance directly after someone spoke that they felt the Lord wanted them all to proclaim FREEDOM. No one knew their dance was going to be about FREEDOM! 

The Lord tied it right in. PLUS, the flagger in the background had a huge flag that was perfect for this routine. It all flowed together…

Its so like the Holy Spirit to coordinate things together and use kids to do so!



ReBirth Dance Co

Visiting the USA – Christian Hip-Hop / Lyrical Dance Group

This group is committed & awesome!  We met them at the His Gifts & Presence New England Arts Festival  The way they combine hip-hop to traditional dance is amazing. Love it!



Eternity Dance Center - Project Dance NYC

"Represent in NYC!" was what the audience replied to this Maine based group after their routine. Who says Mainers can’t hip-hop?





"Dead Serious" - Jazz

Watch Out! They ARE serious! Cute but serious…I like the chorography in this one=)





ReBirth Dance in USA & London - Christian Hip-Hop Dance Group

Can't Get Enough of their Awesome Dancing..




Project Dance NYC 2008 - Mix

This yearly outdoor dance event on Broadway in NYC, Project Dance NYC, has dancers from around the world..... Project Dance which is in its 10th year is actually an international production that is touring 7 major cities around the world in 2011. They offer free all-day outdoor dance concerts and professional training in dance classes, motivational forums and networking. See their blog for details.  The dance team from Eternity Dance had the privilege of being included in their promotional video.





I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men (and women) will dream dreams, your young men (and women) will see visions. Joel 2 :28

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