Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fall Dance Classes Season Beginning Soon – Inspirational Project Dance Videos


As summer is soon closing…Project Dance is over for the season. However, it is time for many dance studios fall dance classes to begin.

If you are looking for inspiration…Project Dance videos are a good place to look.

Here is a tidbit of info from Project Dance….perhaps your studio or dance team wants to look into getting involved next summer!

Now would be the time to get started.


Project Dance

Project Dance is committed to sharing dance with the world! If you love dance visit their site to watch the full video that explains this great organization.

From the Project Dance website:

Project Dance was born 10 years ago out of a desire to serve the people of New York City directly after the events of September 11th and it has managed to do just that.

Each year thousands of New Yorkers stop to watch the concert held on a temporary stage on the corner of 44th Street and Broadway.

Although the weekend is designed to give participants the opportunity to perform and take master dance classes, Project Dance also strives to inspire dancers as artists and individuals.

Some of the activities over the weekend focus on the intersection of faith and art….

Our goal is to equip and encourage dancers as they seek their calling in the world of dance.



Project Dance - Hong Kong

Here are a few clips from the Project Dance - Hong Kong concert. I was looking primarily for young dancers:


I didn’t know there was a Chinese version of Mary Mary’s Shackles…nice!

Many kids like to take Hip-Hop class these days…here is Hong Kong Christian Hip-Hop


Project Dance – London

Again, I found a nice young dance group. Excellent!




Project Dance Events 2012

Next year’s 2012 events are on their website:

Houston TBA

Orlando   TBA

New York City   April 20-22

Nashville   TBA

London  July 13-15

Washington DC    TBA

Kansas City    TBA

Atlanta    TBA

Sydney    October 5-7

Hong Kong    October 12-14 

Phoenix    TBA