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Can be used to understand dreams and visions. Since bible times God has reached out to us his children through dreams and visions. The MOST important thing to do is PRAY and ask GOD what He wants us to KNOW =)

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ELEMENT                        POSITIVE                            NEGATIVE

Blue                         Revelation, Communion        Depression,Sorrow
White                       Holy Spirit                               Power,Religious Spirit
Green                      Growth, Prosperity                 Envy, jealousy
Red                          Wisdom, Anointing                Anger, war
Gold                          Holy purity, Glory                   Idolatry

1-   God
2-   Multiplication, Division
3-   Godhead, Trinity
4-   God's creative works
5-   Grace

Cat-                        Nine-lives                              Independent thinking
Kittens-                  Young, Giftedness                 Mischief
Snake-                   Could be healing,Wisdom    Lies, deception, long tails
Bear-                      Bear hug, Affection               Fierce attacker,demonic
Dog-                       Friend,Loyal                          Harmful, unbeliever

Apple-              Peace, Good health
Grapes-           Promise of what is to come
Oranges-         Love,Blessed
Pumpkin-         Harvest, Fruit, provision
Tomato-           Kindness, Mercy

Bus-                    Church, Large area of influence
Car-                    Job, Ministry, Life
Boat-                  Moving in the Spirit
Train-                 Large church, Ministry
Truck-               Ready to work, Carry's much

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Prophetic Word- Reeni Mederos: In 2012 Suffer the Children to Come to Me


This encouraging word was shared from an Elijah List email I received as a subscriber…

This prophetic word is….

Steve ShultzFrom the desk of Steve Shultz:


“Many have been prophesying about a youth movement coming... Children are a gift from God and they simply "believe" without all the mindsets getting in the way. Make room for the youth as they release signs and miracles with their child-like faith.”

The Elijah List & Breaking Christian News


Through the Voice of the Innocent

The Lord says, "Suffer the little children and lead them into My presence. I am calling them to come to Me

.Reeni Mederos photo

 I am awakening your youth and it will be from the mouth of babes that I will speak; I will speak to them through dreams and visions, and they will encounter angelic visitations from My throne room. Through the voice of the innocent, whose minds are fresh and new from My heart, they will speak and declare the oracles of the Lord at the least expected times, but they will hear and they will say what is from My heart. They hear My voice and they see My face, for My Kingdom belongs to them and I have opened their eyes to see Me.

"Watch the children in the peculiar things they will do that will astonish you and inspire you. I have already chosen them and anointed them. Watch them as they play, watch them as they grow, watch them as they speak, watch them as they sing. For they will prophesy out of the honesty and purity of their hearts and they will restore hope to the downcast and to nations at unrest. I will give them a dream and they will say, 'Mommy, I had a dream last night.' I will speak to them and they will say profound words of wisdom that you know can only come from above. You will know it is not their natural minds. It will be divinely inspired by Me and I will anoint their words."


A Higher Frequency of Hearing

"They will manifest what I say in their art, in their speech, in their songs and in their dreams. For I have given these little ones a higher frequency of hearing the sound of My voice. The sounds of Heaven they will hear in their hearts during this time are untainted by this world. For it is the pure in heart that shall see Me, and they do see Me. It will be imperative to guard their pure hearts, to guard their pure eyes, to guard their pure ears. I have consecrated them and I have set them apart for Me, for My purposes and for a specific work. Each one is unique with a different virtue, and I will begin to reveal to you, parents, grandmothers, aunts and uncles, what is their special and specific endowment from on high.

"For I send a commission to the parents to guard their purity in an impure world and to guard their precious hearts, but I have also put a guard upon their lives so that they will be nurtured by My voice, by My love. Do not forbid them to speak, for I have something to say through them at specific times. Stay alert to them and listen to the words of wisdom that I will flow out of their mouths that will be too intelligible for them to speak from their natural minds. I have increased the ability to perceive upon this generation of children, and their discernment will far surpass even those that refuse to hear My voice. I have chosen them as a representation of My heart for you to see Me through their eyes and through their unconditional love."


God's Heart is Like the Heart of a Child

"Yes, My heart is like the heart of a child, and I choose to speak to them and through them face to face. Come and learn from them. Let the little children be your teacher in humility and in kindness, in forgiveness and in unconditional love. Let your heart be revived and blessed by them. They are My gift to you!

"Come as a little child, like them, that I may reveal to you what is to come and that you may partake of My divine nature in the purity and simplicity of childlike faith. Follow the example of these little ones into the journey of My heart. Become a little child again to Me. Lay aside every weight that blinds the pathway and highway to the realm of My holiness. For without holiness no one shall see the Lord, and I have ordained praise upon their lips so that they can easily see Me and be with Me even while they are here on this earth. Honor them as I have honored you and cherish the gift of purity they will teach you with," says the Lord.


A Call to Return to Innocence

In 2012, God is calling all of His children, young and old, to come and sit at His feet so that He may reveal and speak to their hearts, one on one. It is a year of action to return to innocence and to allow the spirit of innocence to wash away every defilement of the enemy and every false thing that would infiltrate and contaminate. It is through purity that we will see clearly and see the Lord face to face.

God's people have become weary as the enemy attempts to rob the innocence of the Church, but the Lord is saying it is through His purity that we will be strengthened as He imparts to us confidence to come boldly to His throne, because of the Blood of the Lamb, to face God with our imperfections. The only power in Heaven and on Earth that could ever make us pure is the power of God's love which was demonstrated on the Cross when every drop of Blood cried out, "INNOCENCE, INNOCENCE! They are innocent because of My Blood!"

The Cry of a Child

It is the "cry of the child" in the heart of God that cries out for us. It is His Blood that continues to cry out for our purity and innocence as He continues to cleanse us so that we can come to Him face to face on a daily basis. It is the cry of the humble child that He longs for, knowing that we need Him and can't live without Him, without His nurture, or without His tender care. The Lord is saying, "Don't let the enemy steal your innocence and your purity, for I have purchased it with My Blood. Even as you see the signs of the times, children being abducted and violated, the enemy has targeted the innocent and the pure in heart of the land because it is the very opposite of His nature. Innocence and purity are the cry of My heart, and it is the very nature that I reflect that the enemy cannot stand.

"The enemy hates the purity of your children and the purity of your own heart. He hates the innocence of the Kingdom of God. His mission is to pollute, corrupt, defile, violate, kill and destroy everything that resembles the Kingdom of God. BUT, I have protected you! I have covered you! I have given you eyes of discernment and ears to hear what is pure and what is right. I am guarding your children. I am guarding your childlike heart. It may seem that your childlikeness has been buried, but I see your heart, and as you come to Me, I will uncover the beauty of the cry of the child that is deep in your soul. You have been longing for Me and I have heard the cry of your heart. It was never lost, only temporarily hidden. The enemy cannot take you away from Me or out of My heart. He can only take what you give him permission to take. I paid the price for your life and you belong to Me. I will never leave you or forsake you."


Innocence of Heart: A Weapon of War

There is a generation of little children that God is raising up that are unique, different, creative, innovative, inspiring, witty, insightful, and who speak with wisdom beyond their years. Even as Jesus grew with wisdom in His childhood, He was growing in the supernatural power of God and learning to listen, practicing His gifts and spending time with the Father in prayer, praise and in innocence. Jesus knew there was something different about Himself just as your own children will know there is something different about themselves, and their curiosity will increase. They will ask questions about their identity. They will be drawn by the Holy Spirit in mysterious ways that will be different from generations past.

The Lord is saying, "Because they have been born in an era of increasing adversity, your children, young and old, will learn to become strong and overcome every adversity. I will make their innocence of heart like a weapon of war. I will teach them how to make adversity to be their best friend, to use it for their advantage like a warrior of war. They are a generation that will not run away and cringe with fear when they see the enemy come, but I have given them divine courage and resilience to walk into the enemy's camp and take the spoil. I have raised them up as deliverers to save a generation from the enemy's violations. They will intervene like an army that comes like a thief in the night to snatch the innocent from their captors"...

(click here to read the rest of this word).

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Testimony - A Child Sees JESUS - by Mary Ballotte



child sees jesus 4

By Mary Ballotte

As originally published in AWE Magazine, Reprinted with permission.

Angelic visitations, supernatural visions, and prophetic utterances are increasing for today’s younger generation. From toddlers to teens, spiritual experiences of young people are occurring in rising numbers. Today’s young people have an amazing prophetic destiny awaiting them.


One young boy named Matthew had been ill since birth. A constant infection seeped from both eyes and ears and wreaked havoc on his entire body. Six surgeries later, the cause of his infection was found. But it resulted in a bout of pneumonia that nearly took his life. Hanging on to a prophetic word that Matthew’s time was not yet up, his mom prayed for a total recovery. Matthew overcame the illness and has been rarely been sick since. But that’s only the beginning of the story.

Matthew was born with a cyst under his tongue. When he was two, a solid white mass had begun growing and needed to be removed. Surgery was scheduled. One day, his mom and a group of friends prayed for the upcoming minor surgery. The next morning, Matthew said to his mother, “My bumpy is gone.” He opened his mouth, revealing that the cyst was gone. Astounded, his mother asked, “Where did it go?”

Matthew told his mom about his night visit with Jesus. “Jesus asked me to open my mouth,” explained Matthew. “Then He took the bumpy and threw it away.” Matthew also said that Jesus held him, said that he loved Matthew loved him very much, and that he was special.

At a loss for words, his mom took him to the doctor, who confirmed the cyst was gone. In addition, there was no evidence of it ever having been there.

Within a few months, other details about Matthew’s night visitation with Jesus emerged. Matthew explained that when Jesus came he was accompanied by seven angels. “How big where the angels?” his mother asked.

“They were giants,” Matthew exclaimed. “They filled the room!” Matthew went on to explain that the angels were wearing white light.

When asked by his mother where they went, Matthew said, “They all went outside, and the angels floated Jesus up in the sky until they were gone.”


Up in the sky

Wondering if could be just imagination, his mom questioned him again and again, but his story never wavered. Even at age four, and now five, his story has remained the same.

Matthew still sees angels, some with colors all around them. And Jesus still talks to him in his dreams. Supernatural encounters have become a normal, regular part of his life.

Matthew is part of the coming generation prophesied by Joel who will see spiritual treasures in front of them. At an early age, many will have a great spiritual awareness, which will increase as they grow and mature.




Parents will need to find ways to find a spiritual atmosphere that will fuel a child’s sensitivity to know God. May we take this responsibility seriously, guiding, teaching, and allowing our children to explore and grow in spiritual awareness.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

TESTIMONY - God Touches a Youth thru a Video!?! (amazing)


Can God touch someone thru watching a video?….YUP

We forwarded this powerful link from Sid Roth’s “Its Supernatural” TV show (he interviewed Gary Oates) to our 12yo friend Zoe’s mom


gary oates

when they watched it God started to BURN LIKE FIRE in her heart! How cool is that?

Here it is in HER words:

          …Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in Your law.” This verse has always been my favorite verse, though I never really understood it, that is till a few days ago.

My mom, brother,and I were watching a show about people who had an experience of seeing angels and/or Jesus Christ.

As we were watching, a man gave his testimony about seeing angels and Jesus. After his story,he prayed that God would open peoples eyes to see the spiritual world.

As the man prayed, I started to cry and I prayed, “Lord,open my eyes, open my eyes so that I may see You.”

And when I finished my little prayer, my chest burned like fire and the same burning feeling went across my back, and a small spot on my face. At that moment, I knew what the verse meant, and knew I had just been embraced and kissed by my Savior, Jesus.

Just wanted to share!


“Open My Eyes Lord” by Gary Oates,  is a great book for young and older readers alike….

Thursday, January 5, 2012

What are SOME ways God “SPEAKS” to US????


Many people wonder and struggle to “hear” God so we thought it

would be fun asked some youth to explain to us how THEY think

“God gets thru to us” and here is what they said:

The Bible: scriptures that stand out

          as we read, lessons we learn in what

          we read

Our conscious: He helps us feel good when doing right, guilty when not=)

Impressions: a feeling

Other people: he can speak thru encouragement, teachings and prophecies from others (friends, family, church, school, where ever)

Dreams: dreams are usually a message from God (they are many times symbolic and not literal)

Still small voice: God speaking audibly softly

Resounding (loud) voice: can be very loud (like to the Israelites at the mountain with Moses)

Highlighting: God makes something stand out to you

Our 5 senses:

taste- taste in mouth suddenly (when u are praying, worshipping with God)

feel-SYMPATHY PAINS- suddenly have pain somewhere, ask God who it is for & pray.

smell- one youth said they are usually congested and don’t smell much… when she DOES SMELL SHE KNOWS IT IS God trying to tell her something..ha,ha

hear- still small & resounding voice…details below

see- uuuhhh hard to explain…..sometimes God will show u things in the spirit that u can not be seen with our natural eyes, sometimes He highlights things that are in the natural

Angels: messengers that give info from God & protection, they ALWAYS have a purpose when u see them

Still visions: looks like a still picture

Moving visions: vision u “see” is moving but you are still aware of your surroundings

Trance: you actually can go somewhere and u are zoned out (u r not aware of ur surroundings)

********Training materials on this topic are available at Prophetic Destiny Ministries & River of Life @ KPM Ministries.



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