Thursday, January 5, 2012

What are SOME ways God “SPEAKS” to US????


Many people wonder and struggle to “hear” God so we thought it

would be fun asked some youth to explain to us how THEY think

“God gets thru to us” and here is what they said:

The Bible: scriptures that stand out

          as we read, lessons we learn in what

          we read

Our conscious: He helps us feel good when doing right, guilty when not=)

Impressions: a feeling

Other people: he can speak thru encouragement, teachings and prophecies from others (friends, family, church, school, where ever)

Dreams: dreams are usually a message from God (they are many times symbolic and not literal)

Still small voice: God speaking audibly softly

Resounding (loud) voice: can be very loud (like to the Israelites at the mountain with Moses)

Highlighting: God makes something stand out to you

Our 5 senses:

taste- taste in mouth suddenly (when u are praying, worshipping with God)

feel-SYMPATHY PAINS- suddenly have pain somewhere, ask God who it is for & pray.

smell- one youth said they are usually congested and don’t smell much… when she DOES SMELL SHE KNOWS IT IS God trying to tell her something..ha,ha

hear- still small & resounding voice…details below

see- uuuhhh hard to explain…..sometimes God will show u things in the spirit that u can not be seen with our natural eyes, sometimes He highlights things that are in the natural

Angels: messengers that give info from God & protection, they ALWAYS have a purpose when u see them

Still visions: looks like a still picture

Moving visions: vision u “see” is moving but you are still aware of your surroundings

Trance: you actually can go somewhere and u are zoned out (u r not aware of ur surroundings)

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