Saturday, September 22, 2012

Resource: Raising Supernatural Kids Online Radio by Raising Supernatural Kids | Blog Talk Radio

Here is a great resource if you have children or youth in your life who you are training for the Lord.

We need to work together to raise kids and youth who know God, hear His voice, understand His word, discern His leading and walk in His peace... 

These skills are critical if they are going to make an impact in today's world where there are mixed messages about what's right and wrong.

Children and Youth need to know God and relate to Him personally....

It is up to us to partner with the Holy Spirit to teach and train them in the ways of the Lord...

This talk show is priceless, I am excited!!

From Becky Fisher's latest newsletter...

"RAISING SUPERNATURAL KIDS. Right now it is weekly. If you are not able to listen live by clicking here, please remember the programs stay archived on the site indefinitely, as you can see, and we also have them archived on our main website at I send out notices on Facebook and Twitter to announce new shows.


My line up of guest so far has been intriguing. I have interviewed:
*  Dr. Melodye Hilton whose mandate from God is to teach babies 
   the uncompromised word of God.
*  Barbie Hunt on training children to heal the sick in the Healing Rooms of KY
*  Daphne Kirk a catalyst for revival among children and youth in the UK
*  David Walters, a pioneer in promoting the reality that "Children Do Not have 
   a Junior Holy Spirit."
*  And our own Pamela Ayres, apostolic minister raising up PowerClubs all over
   the world. This show had over 2700 hits!


  doug addisonNext week's show is going to be off the charts! Prophetic minister and stand-up comedian Doug Addison who is well known among adults as someone who interprets dreams and, of all things, TATTOOS, also has a flare for interpreting the dreams and nightmares of children! 

Doug has consented to be our guest, and he will be doing live interpretations during the show! If your child or grandchild has had significant dreams or nightmares and you would like Doug's help in interpreting them, please email them to me at (Children's dreams ONLY! We will not take those from adults.)

You can still listen to all of these interviews for FREE, PLUS you can download the MP3 versions to share and listen in your mobile devices."

Raising Supernatural Kids Online Radio by Raising Supernatural Kids | Blog Talk Radio

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

RWOC - "Can't be explained…only experienced" | Home

RWOC - "Can't be explained…only experienced" | Home

I saw this from "Encourage the Kingdom" it is a painful story and a little raw but his story tells it all...effective message!

 Encourage the Kingdom wrote on fb:

"If you are in middle school, high school, or college, if you are a parent with young children, or if like me, you just CARE, take 45 minutes to WATCH THIS VIDEO. I'm tired of Satan destroying the lives of our kids..."