Monday, November 5, 2012

Leadership Book Review: “Always Enough” by Heidi and Rolland Baker





I absolutely love this book. It is an easy read and is lively enough to hold the attention of tweens, teens and youth. There is tons of action as missionaries Heidi and Rolland Baker partner with God to save the lost and poor in Mozambique, Africa. There are many leadership principles that can be gleaned from this book. It can be used as a read aloud if you stretch it out. It is written in segments, so it it lends itself to that use.

I pulled out a few servant leadership principles I learned from the book below. If you need more, simply let us know by messaging us on Facebook:

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Leadership Principles from “There is Always Enough”

In the book, "There is Always Enough" by Heidi Baker, there are several leadership principles. They did not quit when they could have and hoped in their cause to partner with God to feed the poor instead. They believed they had something worth fighting for. They had no idea that God intended to explosively expand their efforts and start Iris Ministries that is a model for many missions and touches many parts of the world now.




Leadership Principle #1 -“Stop for the One”

In this book, it states that God used James 2:16 to inspire the author, Heidi and her husband to move to the poorest country of the world, Mozambique in Africa. They were to feed the poor. Their motto became to "Stop for the One" and meet their needs. This saying has impacted my life for many years. No matter what we do to help, mentor, teach, advise, love One person, it is a wonderful thing!

There are many surprises to their call to missions in the book=) Great reading….


Leadership Principle #2 - Stand Up For What You Believe In

Initially, when the Bakers had about a hundred orphan children they found in trash dumps and other locations, the corrupt government issued orders for them to stop praying, singing and helping the poor immediately. Their dedication to God and His plan was obviously not something they would stop, so the children defied the orders.When a contract was put on Heidi Baker's life they had to flee their new orphanage facilities . At this point, they could have given up. When the children walked 15 miles barefoot to stay with them, they cared for them in their home despite the fact that there was initially not enough food, even for their daughter who was crying for food. They persevered and cried out to God. He sent what they needed.


Leadership Principle #3 – Facing Fear and Stress = Trust 

On another occasion, Heidi was in the garbage dump where their team often visited to have Sunday services, bring medical help and find children. Some youth threatened to kill them . Because Heidi had been instructed and encouraged by God in advance, she did not back down in fear but made it clear to him that Jesus cared for them and was gathering them to Himself. The youth not only stopped trying to injure them, but some started weeping, joined the orphanage, trained at Iris Ministries and started protecting her team.

Years later in 2001, Heidi and her husband was trying to get food to a region of Mozambique that was cut off due to rains and flooding. A deadly cholera epidemic broke out. The ministry set up a quarantined large hospital "tent" where many died. The city officials blamed Iris for introducing the disease by bringing in contaminated food for a wedding.

They were set on shutting down the center and the entire ministry.

In the meantime, Heidi visited the hospital tent daily for hours to pray for the kids and pastors with no concern for herself. Many thought she would die with the others. The situation became stressful and desperate. Heidi and Rolland would have to quit if God did not do something. They remembered the first time they were evicted in 1997 and could not take that again. God did, they withstood the crisis in faith and the people eventually became well. The same officials were astonished.

Today Iris Ministries touches many nations. There are other resources available from their ministry