Wednesday, December 19, 2012

7 Ideas to Help your Children Keep the Focus this Christmas




1. Read and re-read several Christmas stories to your children. Ideally, you find books that focus on the Birth of Jesus. Christmas videos are ok too, if you sit with them to explain the differences between the video and the true account.

2. Create a Present for Jesus = Young and older children love to create things that represent their heart. Kids can draw or find something that symbolizes how they feel toward God or what they are thankful for. Its easy. Everyone can place these items in a beautifully wrapped box or a gift bag if time is short.

3. Explain Gifts = Help your children know why we exchange gifts at Christmas. Jesus was the TRUE gift given to us. Tie these concepts together for your children. Some people mention the 3 gifts presented to Him.

4. Have a Treasure Hunt = Find several items that represent elements of the Christmas Story. Hide them around the house for the kids to look for, and explain. Most effective before present-time of items you purchased.

5. Sing, play and listen to Christmas Carols. Emphasize those that focus on Wonderful Jesus.

6. Bake a cookie or cake for Jesus. Crosses, hearts or whatever. Put on a special plate. Additionally, you can add a candle on Christmas and sing “Happy Birthday to Jesus”.

7. On Christmas Eve and Day read together the Christmas Story from the Bible and have the children act out the Christmas story as you read. You will have to piece together the full story from several chapters. (Luke 2 & Matthew 2) This can be great fun.


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Friday, December 14, 2012

Children and the Supernatural

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This guest post from Pastor Mary Ann Kotch is just a sample of the resources their ministry has for parents and children. Online classes are available to help kids and their families grow in the Lord. Please see their contact info below:


I want to spend some time of explanation and encouragement concerning the abilities of children and the importance of developing an open and free attitude about this subject in their lives.

In biblical writings we read that our Creator gives spiritual gifts and abilities to mankind. We understand this is not limited to one gender but rather is for both male and female, children included. God’s presence and enlightenment is poured out on all no matter what gender or age.

As a child did you ever have a supernatural experience, dream or vision, and felt there was no one you could share it with or were told it’s just your imagination. That ill-time response could have limited or placed a roadblock in developing a creative spiritual gift in your life. Think about it. We need to seriously change our attitude concerning what children hear or see or experience in dreams and visions.

It’s vitally important to encourage our children by not minimizing or disregarding their spiritual experiences. To a child a dream or vision experience is important. We must train the child by listening to them and talking about what they feel and what they sense. One simple and necessary way to teach is to have them first write down the experience. Whether it’s in the form of a dream, something they see, or something they hear, then discuss the experience. If the child is too young to write, you, as a parent, could do it for them. This will impress on them the importance of what they’ve experienced. They will begin to learn and realize even at a young age they have a special ability from God. As a parent the development of this gift in your child should become a priority. The result of your affirmation will begin to instill in the child’s mind a healthy respect for spiritual sifts. Their desire for more will grow.

Some fun ways to help develop the important skill of distinguishing God’s voice from their own thoughts is for you to choose a number from one to ten. Then ask the child to ask the Holy Spirit for the answer. You can do the same things with colors, fruits, vegetables animals or kids names. Older children may have fun learning to hear God by watching game shows and prompting them to ask the Holy Spirit for the answer before the answer is given.

I would encourage you to seek input and enlightenment from a spiritual community that follows the ancient Hebraic methods of instruction, skill and interpretation. As parents we sometimes make the mistake of ignoring what we think is the child’s imagination. A simple prayer asking God to sanctify their imagination is truly beneficial a d will help you to see the imagination as a natural got from a loving God.

By Mary Ann Kotch, Dream interpreterPastor Mary Ann Kotch, dreamsETC. blog

Pastor, River of Life @ KPM, Dallas, PA