Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Teaching Our Children to Pray - Teaching them Spiritual Warfare

Teaching Our Children to Pray is Critical

We all need to work together to TRAIN the next generation. 
There are great resources available on
Just search: "Parenting"
Cool Tips in this Video:
  • Children need to learn their Kingdom of God Identity. Who does Jesus SAY they are?
  • They can DRAW PICTURES and do fun things to learn who the Bible says they are.
  • Parents set the Spiritual Atmosphere of the Home.
  • Teach the kids to GET RID OF FEAR.
  • Help little children who have lust and or por. ADDICTIONS early, 8-10yo
  • Prayer for children and youth who are CUTTING

This excerpt is from they have great cutting edge parenting resources!
Spiritual warfare is not just for adults. 
Your children can engage in the battle too, but they need to be prepared.
Cindy Jacobs, and spiritual warfare expert Becca Greenwood, give practical advice to parents everywhere on the best ways to encourage your children in the training of spiritual warfare.
Exclusively online as part of GOD TV’s Parenting Weekend in November. You can search "parenting" ANYTIME.

Printout of Questions on their website - to give you questions to ask to find out when kids are struggling. Go to: