Sunday, December 1, 2013

VIDEO- God’s Miracles–My Fun Book Talk with Kellie Frazier


Last week I had an excellent opportunity to do a video Book Talk with Kellie Frazier. The funny part was that my children have done tons of these and I had to go to THEM for tips. LOL

I wrote an article in the book God’s Miracles True Stories of Healing and Restoration.

My portion in this book is called: “A Safe Place to Fall”.

In the video below I actually share the back story, when my mom suffered her 4th stroke.

How God brought us through a year of hospitals, physical therapy and so on…before the big news that changed everything for our family.


Kellie is a delightful woman who is loving and kind. I was so encouraged by what God has done for the many authors. I think my favorite story in this book to date is the “Great Barrier Reef” survival story. Standing up on a flipper? Amazing…

The Kindle version of the book is available on I have included my affiliate link in these posts so you can BUY THE BOOK=) God’s Miracles True Stories of Healing and Restoration

 It is a great Christmas present for anyone who needs ENCOURAGEMENT.

Hardcopy will hit Amazon on Tues, Dec 3rd. Thanks for your support!