Simple Dream Elements Dictionary

Since bible times God has reached out to us his children through dreams and visions.

This list can be used to help you understand dreams and visions. We use this in our online biblical dream interpretation class.

The MOST important thing to do is PRAY and ask GOD what He wants us to KNOW =)

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Blue                                   Revelation, Communion                      Depression,Sorrow

White                                 Holy Spirit Power, Purity                    Religious Spirit

Green                                 Growth, Prosperity                             Envy, jealousy

Red                                    Wisdom, Anointing                              Anger, war

Gold                                   Holy purity, Glory                                Idolatry


1- God

2- Multiplication, Division

3- Godhead, Trinity

4- God's creative works

5- Grace


Cat-                                 Nine-lives                         Independent thinking

Kittens-Young,                  Giftedness                        Mischief

Snake-                              Could be healing,              Wisdom Lies, deception, long tails

Bear-Bear hug,                 Affection                            Fierce attacker,demonic

Dog-                                Friend,Loyal                       Harmful, unbeliever


Apple- Peace, Good health

Grapes- Promise of what is to come

Oranges- Love,Blessed

Pumpkin- Harvest, Fruit, provision

Tomato- Kindness, Mercy


Bus- Church, Large area of influence

Car- Job, Ministry, Life

Boat- Moving in the Spirit

Train- Large church, Ministry

Truck- Ready to work, Carry's much

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